Gabby Reece Launches HIGHX in Houston 24Hr Fitness

Gabby talks about the evolution of HIGHX, her high intensity group fitness class, launching first in all 24 hour fitness’s. Gabby has begun traveling to many locations to train the trainers on how to teach this amazing class that is highly motivating and effective. Here she is with a reporter from Houston where she led a training this past weekend.

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Scorching Fat & Sustaining Energy

So you wanna burn extra calories, tone up all over and feel awesomely energized while doing so. You’re in good company. We commonly are asked about the best methods to sustain energy while scorching your way through excess pounds. Gabby’s spent years studying and practicing the methods that can get you into peak physical condition while also feeling great (bye bye, crash diets). Here are some of Gaby’s best road-test ideas for losing pounds while gaining energy:

Avoid sugar
It’s that simple. And we know it can be hard. Almost any processed food item nowadays is ladened with sugar. Trust us. Check the labels. This sugar carries no nutritional value and worse yet is processed into fat. Skip sugar in your coffee and opt for black coffee, or better yet, green tea. Almond milk is a favorite of the G&L team but watch for almond milk (coconut too) that contains sugar. Sugar doesn’t just spell trouble for your waistline, it can accelerate aging and cause a slew of other health problems. Time to kick it to the curb. Caveat: fruits can be a source of great nutritional value and of course contain natural sugars. Berries are a great option for a sweet treat in the morning that’s also packed with antioxidants.

Avoid breads and pasta
Our bodies aren’t designed to digest processed grains properly. These items are again quite low in nutritional value and difficult to digest. Eating these items can lead to bloat and many people have a gluten sensitivity without even knowing so. Our challenge to you? Cut out processed grains for 30 days and measure the impact it has on your energy and your waistline (less lethargic, huh?). If you’d like to add a grain to your meal or need so for high performance training opt for brown rice.

Go for green tea
Gabby is a huge fan of green tea that’s not sweetened. It’s a great morning pick me up. Swapping green tea for your latte alone could save you hundreds of calories a week. Green tea is great for digestion and rich in antioxidants. Yum.

Drink enough water
We know you’ve heard it a million times but it’s for a good reason. Most people walk around chronically dehydrated without even knowing it. Doing so can put your metabolism to a major hault. What’s more? Many times when you feel hungry you’re actually thirsty. Dehydration is a hop, skip and a step away from major over eating.

Exercise early
A vast array of studies point to the benefits of working out early in the morning as opposed to later in the day. You’ll have more energy to sustain a rigorous workout in the morning and you’ll also set your day in such a way that honors your health (you’re more likely to stay on track with your eating if you’ve already logged your calorie deficit, for example).

Eat enough
There’s a reason crash diets leave people worse off than they were originally. Depriving your body of a healthy amount of calories can throw your metabolism off and most likely sets you up to swing back into over indulgence. Take it easy. Effective weight loss takes time. Eat plenty of food each day with the focus of consuming the majority of your calories from whole natural foods like lean proteins and tons of veggies.

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Gabby gives a great description of her amazing new workout HIGHX

Fitness expert and volleyball champion Gabrielle Reece discusses the benefits of the new training program called HighX.

“Gabby visited 24Hr Fitness’s in Sacramento and San Francisco this past weekend to train their trainers. HIGHX workouts will start in all 24Hr Fitness’s beginning July 1. Call your local 24HR Fitness to see when it will start at your gym!”

Basic Weight Loss Mistakes by Gabby Reece

A lot of us are out there watching what we eat and exercising, but still not making a dent in our bellies and body weight. There are a few things we are probably not doing, or doing too much of, that would make major improvements in our health.

Get more sleep. After a very short period of time (about 6 nights), studies show that your glucose levels can rise if you get only 4 to 7 hours of sleep each night. New parents are excluded, but everyone else should try to hit the 8 hour mark as often as you can and get to bed BEFORE midnight. Every hour of rest before 12 a.m. is twice as valuable as the hours after midnight: Our cortisol levels are lowest before midnight therefore our recovery is the highest.

Eat fewer refined and processed foods. Avoid fast and fried food and try to consume as many real foods as you can. It’s also imperative to get enough fiber (helps with elimination); fruits and veggies are a great way to fill up.

Avoid sugary drinks and reach for more water. Water is great for so many things like digestion, eliminating toxins in the body, and transporting important nutrients to our cells which need energy to burn calories. Americans drink 20% of their calories, so be careful of that silent pitfall.

Get to know your kitchen. I realize it takes more work, but the simple truth is we eat out or order in too often. There is a greater opportunity to control what is in your food if you cook it yourself.

Slow down. When you do sit down to a meal, don’t woof it down. Our culture encourages eating while driving or sitting at our desks. The only time we seem to sit down and enjoy our food is at Thanksgiving. The monks chew each bite of food 100 times (which is excessive), but they also eat only until they are full. They recognize that chewing their food more makes it easier for the body to digest.

Breathe. There are so many days that I don’t breathe deeply. In the morning, mid-afternoon, and at the end of the day take 10 conscious, belly-deep breaths. Close your eyes, pull that air deep into your stomach via your nose and let all the junk out through your mouth. Whether it’s a stressful day, or you just want to start and end your day on the right foot, breathing is important.

Don’t starve yourself. Oddly enough some of you may not be eating enough, and the lack of calories is putting your body into save mode. Our bodies are so brilliant, and if they aren’t getting enough food, your metabolism will tell your body to store each and every calorie it receives or to make energy from whatever muscle tissue you have. Not good. Oh and by the way, don’t skip breakfast. People who skip breakfast are over 4 times more likely to be overweight.

Do more than exercise. Even if you are working out, you can’t eat and drink whatever you want. It really is a three sided puzzle: balancing exercise, food, and (oh yes) the spirit (which stress and happiness play into).

I wish you the greatest of success, and remember, being healthy is like making your bed. It really is something we have to work at everyday.

3 Day Juice Cleanse By Gabby Reece

Trying to savior my lunch. Why is it such a psych out to not eat  solid food for just 3 days? Whimp.

I’m doing a 3 day juice cleanse from Akamai Juice, want to join me?

It’s recommended you do the cleanse Tues, Wed, and Thursday so you are not dealing with too many family and friend activities that may get in the way.  Plus it’s better to be busy busy busy when doing a cleanse so you keep your mind off eating!

Day 1 – Juice

Flavored Water: Coconut, Mint, Lime,

Pink Grapefruit

Thick Green Magic Dragon: ( for ingredients)

(Red) Apple, Basil, Beet, Carrot, Celery, Cucumber, Fennel, Garlic, Ginger, Kale, Lemon, Parsley, Tomato, Tumeric,

(Thin Green) Boc Choy, Celery, Chard, Coconut Water, Cucumber, Dandelion, Ginger, Mango, Lime, Parsley, Pear

Tea: Smooth Move – Caffeine Free

Day 2 – Juice + Flax Milk

Flavored Water: Basil, Lime

(Pink) Grapefruit

(THICK Green) Magic Dragon ( for ingredients)

(Red) Asparagus, Basil, Beet, Boc Choy, Cabbage, Carrot, Celery, Cucumber, Dandelon, Garlic, Ginger, Lime, Noni, Pear, Tomato, Turmeric

(Thin Green) Apple, Celery, Chard, Coconut, Cucumber, Ginger, Kale, Lime, Mint, Parsley, Turmeric

Tea: Smooth Move – Caffeine Free

Day 3 – Juice + Flax Milk

Flavored Water: Orange, Rosemary, Lime

(Pink) Grapefruit

(THICK Green) Magic Dragon ( for ingredients)

(Thin Green) Banana, Boc Choy, Celery, Chard, Collards, Cucumber, Dandelion, Kale, Lime, Lilikoi, Turmeric

(Red) Apple, Arugula, Basil, Beet, Beet Greens, Bell Pepper, Carrot, Celery, Cilantro, Cucumber, Fennel, Garlic, Ginger, Kale, Lemon, Noni, Parsley, Sweet Potato, Tomato

Tea: Smooth Move – Caffeine Free

Raw, Vegan, Organic Flax Milk
Flax, Allspice, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Coconut Oil, Honey, Salt, Vanilla

Helpful hints for the juice cleanse by Cas!

-Ease out of meat, fish & dairy a couple days before the cleanse starts.

-Drink hot water with lemon juice first thing in the morning.

-If you need coffee/tea; no dairy creamer or sweetener

-First juice is always Grapefruit, then whatever juices you want, every 2 hours

-Try to drink 2 more quarts of water each day. Flavored water is more fun!

-If you’re feeling irritable or weak, try a little snack & follow a plant based diet. Fruit, veggies, nuts & seeds only.

-Drink tea for dinner. Add a flavored decaf tea (like mint or ginger) for bold flavors.

-Tell me if you have any negative side effects from juice.

Ask me questions at my facebook!

For more info on this cleanse and their recipes visit


Gabby Reece shares 5 of her tips to get results at the gym.

Focus: Decide that for the next 20-30 minutes you are going to focus on your workout and nothing else; no friends, no cell phones, just exercise.

Be Prepared: Have everything you need when you start so you don’t have to stop your workout.

Have a Plan: Write down your workout and accomplish what you set out to do.

Push Yourself: Get out of your comfort zone, don’t do the same thing every time. Try new moves, go longer, heavier, mix it up.

Consistency: To get results you need to consistently exercise. Don’t expect to tone up and feel great after one workout. Make it a part of your life, something that you can do for free to make yourself feel good.



The HIGHX Story

Gabby Reece creator of HIGHX powered by LifeLine, is proud to unveil the latest workout to hit the fitness world. HIGHX is a high intensity explosive training and conditioning program designed to maximize the body’s ability to burn fat, build muscle, optimize the body’s hormone and physiological response to exercise while improving overall daily and athletic performance. HIGHX is a functional, systematic training format structured into multiple circuits to engage, coach, and retain participants and members.
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HIGHX came in to existence out of sheer necessity. The genesis of HIGHX was initially a way for me to personally exercise with a large group of friends, and for all of us to get in an optimal workout. While it was never part of a master plan, as like many other innovations, the development of HIGHX was a fortunate accident!

FAMILY BEACHSince meeting my husband Laird in 1995, we have divided our time between the mainland and Hawaiian Islands, living half the year in Hawaii (which he calls home) and the other half in L.A. (which I call home).
After many enjoyable years in Maui, in 2008 we decided to move to Laird’s native island of Kauai. Our family was growing, and we felt that Kauai was a better fit for us, in that it has a slower pace, and my husband has strong roots and history there. The people of Kauai are generally unpretentious, friendly, and loving. Many of the locals there feel like part of our extended family. You simply can’t find a healthier and safer place than Kauai to raise your children.

My husband and I have always been very physically active and still workout consistently 6 days a week. For both of us, a commitment to exercise and proper nutrition is very much in our DNA, and we both really enjoy sharing our passion for healthy living with others.

When we first relocated to Kauai from Maui, I was challenged to find a convenient place to workout. Unfortunately, the local gym on the North Shore of the Island had recently closed and there wasn’t another nearby option for the locals.  So I decided to rent out the local community center a few days a week, throw whatever equipment I could fit in the back of my truck, and invited eight or so of my local girlfriends to come and sweat with me. Since I predominantly use small fitness apparatus, such as dumbbells, resistance balls, resistance bands and other small equipment in my own functional workouts, I realized all I really needed was a little space.


Gabby reece volleyball nikeAs a competitive athlete most of my life, I had the good fortune to be exposed to some of the best trainers in the world, both during my college years, as well as during my professional beach volleyball career. So I decided to share my experience, take the lead, and put together a fitness program for the locals. I basically invited them to ‘train’ with me, as I would call it. Participants learned quickly that my workouts were designed for function; incorporating lots of upper and lower body exercises, plus core strengthening movements. I believe people need to continuously strengthen their entire body if they want to thrive throughout the journey of life.


Since I have always been on athletic teams and really enjoy training with other people, I began coordinating routine workouts every week.  My friends continued to show up, and it became a regular thing. They seemed to really enjoy the workouts, and as tough as they were, the word began to spread around town.

Pretty soon our small group of eight became fifty, and we were no longer welcome at the community center. Fortunately, I was able to move our workouts to a large warehouse nearby, and we quickly started to hit numbers of up to 80 to 100 people some days. How was I going to manage all these humans?  We had men and women from ages 17-65, the hyper fit and deconditioned. That’s when my testing and experimentation which eventually resulted in HIGHX really began.

group workoutTEAM TRAINING
I started to realize if I was going to effectively provide a solid workout for this community, my workouts needed structure. I decided to put people in teams that were made up of individuals who shared commonality. Meaning, I wouldn’t just say go to a station and fill in empty spaces, but I encouraged participants to team up with a friend or a ‘teammate’ (as we call it). Or if they saw someone they felt they could help, to bring them on their team. Or if they saw someone that inspired them, then go join that team. In the beginning, I would set up the teams, but after a while bonds would form naturally. It’s these relationships that eventually develop between class participants that makes attending a HIGHX class feel so special, and keeps people coming back.


highx groupsOn some days, there would be teams of up to 6 people per station of all different sizes, shapes, fitness levels, and work ethics; all working towards the same goal – getting in a demanding workout and enjoy it at the same time. Usually, there would be 14 stations, but on other days up to 18 stations in order to accommodate everyone, plus really get in a great workout. While HIGHX can certainly be done alone (and many people do), one of the most magical things about HIGHX is the team component. There is something about working together in a group, it creates added accountability, increased motivation, and participants really seem to maximize and go beyond what they can do alone. I have seen many people really looking forward to coming to class and gathering with their team.

I have tried coordinating workouts every which way.  Three times around, Tabata timing, you name it. I mean after all, I was doing this for my community and for free, so therefore no one could complain about being part of my experiment. I have always told my class, “this is not a democracy, it is in fact a dictatorship”.  My class trained hard, and pushed me to make it better.  I wrote a new workout every single class, because I wanted to make sure every workout felt fresh and was a new challenge.

My goal was to run everyone through a journey that when they completed the voyage they would have worked their entire body. Therefore, I decided to make HIGHX a combination of resistance training, blended with cardio, proprioception and balance, plus incorporate a bit of stretching.  A few tweaks here and there, such as alternating high intensity movements with lower intensity recovery exercises, and the structure was solidified, and HIGHX was born.

[A high intensity explosive functional training workout which consists of 8 to 16 stations (depending on class size), with 2 exercises per station performed  in 6 mini sets of 30 seconds each. Once you complete a station you are done with it for good, no more going through it again.  Each completed station is a “Mini success” – providing participants a mental edge. Add in the team and coach components and you have HIGHX.]


As I looked to optimize HIGHX workouts, I began further researching the benefits of high intensity training. The research on the benefits of high intensity exercise, and the favorable impact on peak performance, longevity, and anti-aging is undeniable. I could see the benefits first hand in myself and my class participants. I have become absolutely certain that HIGHX is the way of the future, and the way for people of all ages to maximize their fitness level and enjoy the highest quality of life.


After many years now of watching the many personal transformations I have seen firsthand, I came to the realization that HIGHX is something that could benefit people in a “big way”. Not just the community of Kauai, but could change people’s lives everywhere.  My desire to inspire other group fitness instructors and trainers to bring HIGHX to people worldwide really motivated me to figure out how to do it on a Global scale. Luckily, I found highly experienced partners with global reach in the Lifeline team, and seven years later we are off to the races. With my new team, we plan to take HIGHX worldwide and change the lives of many. People ask me all the time since I have stopped playing as a professional athlete, “What are you training for?” What am I training for, I am training for Life, isn’t that the most important reason in the end?
highx pivotal5 team

2015-03-12 11.01.09MY PASSION AND COMMITMENT

I love HIGHX and I believe it is a highly effective fitness solution for anyone looking to train hard, smart, and have a little bit of fun doing it. I can’t tell you how happy I am to see HIGHX spread from our sweaty warehouse on the North Shore of Kauai, to a global brand transforming lives of people everywhere.

This journey has really been a gift to me, and I believe I am the one who has gotten the most out of this process.  My students always thank me, but they don’t realize how good it feels to be around a group of people gathering together, working hard, doing something positive for themselves, and each other.  I know HIGHX will help many people get more from life, just as much as it has benefited mine.

“Train for Life”

By, Gabby Reece


To Get Certified or Find a Gym Visit: HIGHXTRAINING.COM

For HIGHX Supplements visit: YOURTRUITION.COM


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Now you can work out like Gabrielle Reece at 24 Hour Fitness

Former professional volleyball player Gabrielle “Gabby” Reece has stayed busy since she stepped out of the sports spotlight in 2010, running a healthy lifestyle website with husband (and surfing legend) Laird Hamilton, modeling for magazines like Shape, and appearing on shows like The Biggest Loser and North Shore. And now, the statuesque blonde is adding another line to her already impressive resume: fitness trainer.

Reece just launched her very own HIIT workout class called HIGHX that will roll out in all of 24 Hour Fitness’ clubs this spring, making her one of the first pro athletes to parlay her extensive sports training into an actual workout that other people can do.

The workout, in partnership with fitness equipment brand Lifeline, is a 50-minute, high-intensity class where you rotate through training circuits using props like kettlebells, dumbbells, and plyo boxes. “I believe there are a lot of ways to skin the cat with fitness, and this is a great offering for people who are busy,” say Hawaii-based Reece. “You can do it once or three times a week, and it will be extremely beneficial to you.”

Of course, she’d say that, but Reece says she knows it works because she’s been training friends in a similar beta method for a few years now. “This came out of something I was doing for my community, and it was a lot of work, but was also extremely inspiring to me,” she says. “I like that it’s a natural extension of that, versus me sitting in a room trying to design a workout.”

It’ll likely now be inspiring to her many fans, who will jump into HIGHX in hopes of achieving her strong, lean physique (if not volleyball stardom). —Jamie McKillop

For more information, visit

(Photo: Gabrielle Reece)


Gabrielle Reece’s Go-To Fitness Tips

The former volleyball star and fitness icon shares her top workout tips and ways to make exercise a priority for a healthy, balanced life

The Balance Project

Fitting healthy eating and workouts into a busy life is an exercise in balance. And while that term means different things to different people, Balance Bar—a brand of nutritional energy bars—is trying to help people achieve more of it with their new campaign, The Balance Project. They’ve partnered with former beach volleyball star Gabrielle Reece, a fitness entrepreneur, author, wife, and mom of three, who knows a thing or two about finding more balance in the everyday. We had a chance to chat with Reece about how she fits workouts into her hectic life.

Get It Done in the Morning
“I’m a morning girl,” says Reece. “If I don’t get a workout done in the earlier part of the day, it goes by the wayside.” While she sometimes does easy stretching in the afternoons, she reserves mornings for rigorous training, doing her HIGHX routine three days a week, and strength training in the pool three days. Yep, you read that right. Reece and her husband Laird Hamilton bring dumbbells into their pool for low-impact, high-intensity training.

Pre-workout, she fuels up on peanut butter and a banana. Post-session, she blends up a recovery smoothie with greens, maca, bee pollen, whey protein powder, unsweetened almond milk, and frozen fruit.

Make it a Team Effort
Any athlete (or former athlete) knows how much motivation teammates can provide. “There were so many days I didn’t have gas in the tank, but my teammates made it fun, they inspired me,” says Reece. That’s why she brings that element to her training. In a new program she’s bringing to 24 Hour Fitness locations, participants will be working with teammates and a coach. Plus, says Reece, it’s an easy way to connect with friends when you’re both super busy. “It’s such a positive way to spend time together,” she says.

When in Doubt, Take a Walk (or the Stairs!)
Not every day has to be a rigorous workout day. In fact, on the day we chatted, Reece had just finished walking stairs. “On some days, getting outside for a walk is more beneficial than pounding yourself on a treadmill,” she says. “You’re outside, breathing fresh air, and alleviating stress…it’s all a part of fitness.”

Written By SHAPE