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Brett Bartholomew Square

Convey Your Ideas in a More Confident Way & Navigate the Grey Areas with Keynote Speaker Brett Bartholomew

My guest today is Brett Bartholomew. Brett is an author, keynote speaker and founder of the Art of Coaching. Brett...

Tara Bixby

Tara Bixby – Anxiety, Stress, Therapist

My guest is therapist Tara Bixby. She is on a mission to participate in changing the way we treat mental...

GRS Crown | Kasey Crown

Kasey Crown – Strategies for Mental & Emotional Challenges

My guest is Psychotherapist Kasey Crown. Her work is about balancing science with the spiritual. She has served to facilitate...

GRS McDougall | Christopher McDougall

Christopher McDougall – Born to Run Author, War Correspondent

Wonderful conversation with NY Times best-selling author Christopher McDougall. Chris is known for such books as Born to Run and...

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