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Dr. Trevor Cates Square

The Power of Your Hormones: More Than Testosterone & Estrogen + The Microbiome, Gut Health & How It’s All Connected | with Dr. Trevor Cates

My guest today is naturopathic doctor and author Dr. Trevor Cates. Dr. Cates’ own journey to healing hormone and skin...

Kenny Johnson square

Feeling Better About Your Discomfort & Pursuing Your Passions for 30+ Years with Brilliant Coach Kenny “Bolt Wrestling” Johnson

My guest today is MMA coach and lifetime wrestler Kenny “Bolt Wrestling” Johnson. Now before all my non fighting fans...

Gabby Reece Square

Are You Missing the Good Stuff? Updates from Gabby around Training with Injury, The Price of Winning & Maintaining Familial Relationships

In today’s solo episode, Gabby shares updates about her training methods with an injury & what changes she’s made that...

Julie Solomon Square

Finding Your Why, Using Struggle to Ignite Growth with Author Julie Solomon

My guest today is author, podcast host, and personal brand coach Julie Solomon. Julie wants you to accomplish whatever dream...

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