The time wheel goes round and round and here we are again another Valentine’s Day. Look, I can only buy so many chainsaws and man gifts, but after all these years of them I’m running out of ideas. What was that you said, put on some sexy lingerie, do a little dance, be sexy, and “one second Brody or Reece, Mommy is having a grown up talk with Daddy”? I already schedule my sex life, so doing a sexcapade or sexy TV might be a stretch. Not to mention if I broke out that move, Laird might roll over with a belly laugh and be unable to perform. Visual; I put on the 3 inch heels, and hey honey here comes your 6’6″ inch wife looking to get lucky. Growl, or do you wanna play a game of one on one?

Anyway, getting serious about celebrating love. I think love is serious, but it’s an everyday, long haul kind of serious. Not put it in a box with a bow or “hooker get” up serious. Love is about all the little things, the understanding, the listening, supporting your partner to be whoever they are, celebrating their victories, offering forgiveness, tolerance, deafness (right boys), and so on. Someone told me once that if your partner decided at a party to dance on the table that you should grab a spoon and play the glasses for them. I am grateful for finding the passionate and growing love I have for Laird. Part of it is he tends to the fire daily, and is truly a great partner. Not perfect, since by the way that does not exist, but a partner that doesn’t just show up, but is committed.

For my singles out there I’m going to give you some love advice from my husband. Ready? Laird is a surfer (that’s a slight understatement) and we talk a lot about going for it in life, what am I holding back for, how short life is, blah blah blah. Laird in his getting down to the essence way said “one thing for sure is you can’t make the wave if you don’t go”! Translation: you have to TRY to even have a shot of getting the ride. Now maybe you will wipe out, or get exploded on, but maybe you will have the time of your life! Ahhhhhhhhhh, so wise with those surf shorts on. So don’t wait for the perfect set up to catch the perfect wave, to make sure you’ll make it. How about try go (as they say in Hawaii)? Hell yes it’s scary, but what are we doing here?

Ok, Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone, and make sure you let the people in your life how much you truly cherish and APPRECIATE them. Remember make sure to take care of your house because someone else would be glad too.

Best, Gabby

HIGHX Malibu says Aloha Gabby!

It’s that time of year again when the Hamilton’s move back to Kauai to get settled in for Laird’s bigwave season. No sad faces in this family as who would complain living half of the year in Malibu and the other half in Kauai? However family and friends do shed a few tears when they need to say their goodbyes. This past week Gabby’s workout group HIGHX Malibu sent her off in style by working harder than ever in their last HIGHX class of ’14 and showering her with new HIGHX gear, good food, and lots of hugs – Kelly Meyer style…

This was an extra special HIGHX party as HIGHX is set to launch globally and hit gyms in 2015. All of Gabby’s participants in Kauai and her special friends in Malibu are very proud of Gabby; her hard work, her determination, and her drive to bring this amazing new workout to the masses. Congratulations Gabby!


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Don’t be afraid to be nice to yourself!

Gabby Reece SelfieBy Gabby Reece

Sometimes just taking an extra 10 minutes for yourself (if you can find it) after a shower can make you feel so good. Take those few minutes here and there whenever you can to pamper yourself. I know it’s hard to do, and we always have something more “important “we can be doing. I haven’t had time to get a facial so this nice little mask just to clean my skin after weeks of feeling dirty and sweaty from training. I feel better already just with this tiny little pick me up.

Here’s more quick and easy ones I enjoy:
-Foam roll your entire body top to bottom. You can even do it while watching TV
-Pop in the bath with some Epson salts instead of the usual shower
-Light a candle
-Scrub your body in the shower with a loofah toes and all
-Drink a relaxing non-caffeinated tea
-Take five maybe even 10 very deliberate and deep breaths
-Rent a movie you want to see just because
-Paint your nails. Nothing beats pretty fingers and toes
-Read an uplifting book or article for a few moments. Get away from the noise of all the negative news that’s everywhere around us
-Get a good snuggle in with someone you love
-Meditate, pray, or just sit still for a few minutes
-Go sit and watch something in nature. Sunrise or set, walk in the park, watch the birds, whatever is in your area

Sending you all a sliver of peace.
Best, Gabby

Never Get Too Old or Take Yourself Too Serious

Never Get Too Old or Take Yourself Too Serious… to go Boogie Boarding

I don’t mean the actual boogie boarding I just mean the activity or fun that your children are participating in.  One of my daughters was playing a little kids version of roller hockey, and I can tell you I’m not going to get my 6’3 inch body over concrete with some five inch skates, but I will play.  I’m not very good about playing and I have to remind myself all the time to let the punch list rest and seize the moment.  My husband Laird is a great reminder to rolling up your sleeves (or in his case taking off your shirt) and diving in.

We live near water so the ocean and rivers are our playground, but if yours is a park, lake, rink, court, or mountain just get out there.  Ha, the great thing about playing in the cold is you have some clothes on.

As parents we are already no fun and full of rules so why not try and balance that out now and again?  For that matter go to an arcade and throw in some quarters with your kid for thirty minutes.  Not only is it good for them, but it’s great for you, and it allows your children to see you in a different light.  Let’s not forget the living example idea either.  We are teaching them more through what we do vs. what we say.

Talking about balance is one thing, but striving to at least dabble in all areas is another.

When I go to the beach with my girls I’m mostly hanging around or swimming, and all it takes is a few minutes catching waves with them for me to have accomplished being a good Mom.  Believe me they remember when we get silly with them every now and again.

I don’t have any answers, and I worry all the time if Laird and I are doing right by our girls.  However, I never question my decision to play or have fun with my kids.  That may be one of the only no brainers in the book; somewhere in the manual near giving them lots of love.

Best, Gabby
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