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      The time wheel goes round and round and here we are again another Valentine’s Day. Look, I can only buy so many chainsaws and man gifts, but after all these years of them I’m running out of ideas. What was that you said, put on some sexy lingerie, do a little dance, be sexy, and “one second Brody or Reece, Mommy is having a grown up talk with Daddy”? I already schedule my sex life, so doing a sexcapade…

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  • bw highx gabby kelly meyers
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    HIGHX Malibu says Aloha Gabby!

    It’s that time of year again when the Hamilton’s move back to Kauai to get settled in for Laird’s bigwave season. No sad faces in this family as who would complain living half of…

  • 935427_370761519700562_1496412403_n
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    No shame.

    Doing interviews, feeding kids, and writing workouts. Oh yeah and I didn’t even have time to get dressed yet. I can’t tell you how many days this is the way it’s going down. Not…

  • Bro Bro
    BLOG Lifestyle

    Feeling like a bad Mom

    Today seems to be one of those days that I care more about my house being cleaned then I do my children having fun.  I know this attitude is one that will get me…

  • gabby reece birthday
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    Another one down.

    Just had another birthday. One of my daughters wasn’t feeling well, we just moved, and the day before we threw a party for my youngest so I was satisfied with hanging out at home.…



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