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    4 Ways to Fit Exercise into Your Life By Gabby Reece – FitBit


    Autumn is here, and with it: soccer games, school, and ramped up work schedules. It can be hard enough sustaining our busy lives, let alone trying to fit in fitness. Work, in particular, can really put a dent in finding not only extra time to exercise, but extra energy. Lord knows at the end of a long day all you might want to do is plop down on the nearest horizontal space. Let’s get real with one another for a minute,…

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  • highx re9
    BLOG Fitness

    Get Yourself a Teammate

    I try to remember the moment I fell in love with working out and eating smart.  I realized that that moment doesn’t exist.  What I fell in love with was how good I felt…

  • Gabby's-Fav-Tips-WO
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    Gabrielle Reece’s Go-To Fitness Tips

    The former volleyball star and fitness icon shares her top workout tips and ways to make exercise a priority for a healthy, balanced life The Balance Project Fitting healthy eating and workouts into a…

  • G35-Tough
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    Fitness Strategies for Stressful Times

    “Managing” the situation works for most things in life – that means giving attention to what needs it the most at that specific time.  If your family is coming over for dinner, then you…



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