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The only time I train with my husband and the boys is pool training days- three times a week. After all we are under the water so not too much talking (know what I mean?). Don’t you love my ‘no shame’ attitude?  My true ego is shining through.  I care more about the fact that my hair gets thrashed in my mask than the fact I look like a super silver dome head.

On this particular day we started our training by doing 10 sets of 10 jumps from twelve feet with a 30 lb dumbbell.  Remember, weight is more buoyant in the water.  I love this type of training.  Low impact on your joints, flushes your system, has an element of peace, and the water is very calming (back to that no talking under the water bit).  Oh, and you don’t think about or care to get on line or plug in; a real escape in a hard working kind of a way.

The thing I am always reminded of is to stay open and innovative in my training, and to figure out how I can keep grinding away without damaging my body.  Oh, and how not to ruin my hair during the process of course.
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Best, Gabby

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Gabrielle Reece’s Go-To Fitness Tips

The former volleyball star and fitness icon shares her top workout tips and ways to make exercise a priority for a healthy, balanced life

The Balance Project

Fitting healthy eating and workouts into a busy life is an exercise in balance. And while that term means different things to different people, Balance Bar—a brand of nutritional energy bars—is trying to help people achieve more of it with their new campaign, The Balance Project. They’ve partnered with former beach volleyball star Gabrielle Reece, a fitness entrepreneur, author, wife, and mom of three, who knows a thing or two about finding more balance in the everyday. We had a chance to chat with Reece about how she fits workouts into her hectic life.

Get It Done in the Morning
“I’m a morning girl,” says Reece. “If I don’t get a workout done in the earlier part of the day, it goes by the wayside.” While she sometimes does easy stretching in the afternoons, she reserves mornings for rigorous training, doing her HIGHX routine three days a week, and strength training in the pool three days. Yep, you read that right. Reece and her husband Laird Hamilton bring dumbbells into their pool for low-impact, high-intensity training.

Pre-workout, she fuels up on peanut butter and a banana. Post-session, she blends up a recovery smoothie with greens, maca, bee pollen, whey protein powder, unsweetened almond milk, and frozen fruit.

Make it a Team Effort
Any athlete (or former athlete) knows how much motivation teammates can provide. “There were so many days I didn’t have gas in the tank, but my teammates made it fun, they inspired me,” says Reece. That’s why she brings that element to her training. In a new program she’s bringing to 24 Hour Fitness locations, participants will be working with teammates and a coach. Plus, says Reece, it’s an easy way to connect with friends when you’re both super busy. “It’s such a positive way to spend time together,” she says.

When in Doubt, Take a Walk (or the Stairs!)
Not every day has to be a rigorous workout day. In fact, on the day we chatted, Reece had just finished walking stairs. “On some days, getting outside for a walk is more beneficial than pounding yourself on a treadmill,” she says. “You’re outside, breathing fresh air, and alleviating stress…it’s all a part of fitness.”

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Fitness Strategies for Stressful Times

“Managing” the situation works for most things in life – that means giving attention to what needs it the most at that specific time.  If your family is coming over for dinner, then you get to the store and stock up for the night.  You let that load of dirty clothes wait until morning.  If you have a project due at school or a presentation at work coming up, then you focus on that.  If that special someone has asked you out or it’s time to blow off steam, then all of a sudden all the “things you had to get done” can wait.  It’s just about knowing when it is time to put your foot on the gas in a particular area of your life and ease off in the other areas. I even find it to be true in relationships.  When you haven’t gotten to spend enough quality time with your partner, then you feel it’s essential to put everything else on the back burner and go get some ‘lovin’.  Individuals who juggle a lot of different aspects of life successfully have mastered this idea.

I was thinking about this concept in relationship to our busy lives and working out and eating well.  When I look at my own life, I see that there are times that I have to manage my fitness life.  Let’s face it, some weeks you wake up on Monday and by nightfall it’s Friday.  You didn’t get to do any of the things you were intending to when you set up the week in your mind on Sunday evening.

How about if we split up our style of weeks into categories?

* In a great week, we have a lot of time.
* During some weeks, we have a lot going on, maybe a lot of stress and emotional stuff, but a little time to focus on exercise and eating.
* What about those weeks when we have no time?
* Then, we have holiday weeks when we have some time, but we’re burned out or just “want to have fun.”

Make fitness a part of your weekly plan, even if it’s just for 15 minutes. Any bit will do so much good for your body and for you!

By Gabby Reece
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Easy Ways to Get Fit

Writing about health and fitness, I admit I can get a little overly philosophical. This was put in perspective for me the other day when I was in the gym and saw a woman I see there only every three or four months. I looked over at her running on the treadmill and saw someone who’d made a small transformation to her body. She never needed to lose tons of weight, but she’d obviously been doing something different.

I went over to talk to her and tell her how great she looked, and she said she’d never worked so hard in her life. Jamie is a 41-year-old woman, with three sons ranging from about 10 to 15, who has worked since she was about 14. She’s still married to her first husband and always seems upbeat whenever I run into her. So how did she transform her body? And why did she do it? She already looked good before and seems to have a secure situation at home. Why the change? Jamie said she decided she wanted to feel different and maybe make a few physical changes to her body. How did she make it happen? When I asked her, she said she wrote a long book, and then on page 500 she’d finally get to the bottom line and say, “You have to work out and watch what you eat.” And on a certain level, it really is that simple.

Need a little help getting there? Here are some tips:

Decide.It takes that moment where you can honestly say to yourself, “This is it, I want to make a change.” Commit.Once you connect with the fact that you want to change, you have to commit to the process. You may miss a day of training here and there, or shove a stress donut in your mouth, but the only way for you to get back on track is to recommit. This won’t be fun, so you’ll have to dig deeper within yourself to create the change you want. Believe in yourself.Just know that you can do this with good eating and consistent exercise. Results are not just for members of a special club — they can happen for everyone.

Move.You’re going to have to move your body at least 4 to 5 days a week, but not for hours and hours at a time. Just get moving, even if you start out with 15 to 30 minutes a day. As time goes on and you want to see more changes in your body, you’ll have to move harder and longer.

Eat right.Watch your portions, eat real food (not out of a bag, can, jar, or microwave), drink lots of water, go easy on the sugar, avoid fast food, and don’t eat too much dairy, pasta, bread, white rice, red meat, foods made with flour, or foods with lots of chemicals and preservatives.

Easy, right? I know it’s tricky, but this is part is really key. What you put in your mouth affects your butt, brain, and mood. Decompress.Try to manage your stress and make sure you’re getting enough sleep. And take a deep breath now and then — aaaah. So here’s to Jamie and her page 500, for reminding us to keep it simple.

Best, Gabby

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