Some of the things I learned in 2012

By Gabrielle Reece

I have shared most of my healthy secrets, but some things have come back into focus for me in 2012.


I am a huge advocate for putting meaningful nutrition into your mouth. Green, whole, live, organic I’m in.  However, 2012 reminded me that portion control is still one of the major keys to weight management or weight loss.  I realize it’s very difficult to eat clean all the time, but we can all try to monitor how much we put in our mouths.  One of the tricky parts is that processed foods do not make you feel full so they lead to over eating.

What about eating that slice of pie or a cookie? If you are going to go for it, then what about half instead of two? Guilt is a waste of time in general how about a little self restraint going a long way.


I know a lot of people who are intense about their physical regiment and diet.  I really aspire to be the best I can in both areas, but there is such a thing as over training or the stress one feels around food being harmful.

I have been reminded in 2012 that pounding your body six, seven days a week can be harmful.  Not getting enough rest can lead to getting behind the eight ball.  Injury, never fully recovering, not benefiting from the exercise you are doing and impacting your ability to handle stress.  My other favorite is when people are so strict about food they can barely eat or read every label.  I have seen many of my friends almost get blocked in their day to day living by the inability to find food they are willing to ingest.  At a certain point if your plane is grounded due to weather, eat.  “Food is for the stomach and the stomach for food.”

I’m all about full throttle, but not at the price of running into a brick wall or creating paralysis by over analysis.


No matter how old I get I had a situation in 2012 that reminded me that I can keep striving to be better.  No I don’t have my 22 year old skin or rear and I never will, but I have several other areas I can keep improving.  I find it critical not to set yourself up in this.  I’m not trying to be better looking or something I’m not.  I choose things I can control like I can be more flexible or stronger, continue to try and have better perspective, or speak my mind directly and lovingly.  These are just a few of the ways I know if I work at, I can continue to improve.

The things that are gifts should just be received and say “thank you”.  The things that are in our control are the ones we should pursue with a white hot vengeance. Tricks are for kids, and I’m talking about going for the big items.  Not how does my hair look?


I’m not suggesting don’t have any other types of friends. I’m merely saying that if you want to live a healthy eating and active lifestyle YOU MUST have people around you helping accomplish this everyday task.  NOT ONE of us can do it alone.  Well, except for that guy who lives in the forest alone, receives his food from nature, stretches 3 hours a day, and is not driving on any freeway.  Let’ stay in the reality zone. We can do it, but we need each other.


With all the bad news in 2012 (economy, tragedy, storms, war, political hatred) I am always reminded that our bodies are a gift.  A gift that should be treasured, nurtured, nourished and properly worked.  I don’t care if you are 40, 50, 100 pounds overweight you and your body are valuable.  Don’t pick on yourself.  Love yourself and your body and take care of the most bad ass thing you will ever possess.

Wishing you all a wonderful 2013!  Go out there and follow your dreams.  Sure it’s scary but the alternative is boring.  Lest us not forget that EVERYTHING TAKES WORK, so may as well be something you can be passionate about.


2012 Gabrielle Reece . All Rights Reserved.


I know for a lot of people the idea of making lifestyle changes, losing weight, starting exercise, getting out of or away from unhealthy relationships etc. can be overwhelming.  The idea behind the fitness boot camp isn’t “let’s get perfect and be in our size 7’s in just X amount of days”.  Blah!  We just wanted to continue to create starting points to do some things better.  Improvement of any kind is a life long quest.  None of us ever arrive or get there.  No way, it’s just about getting up each day willing to try your best, and make changes for the better where you can.

Please don’t look at your goals weeks or years ahead; baby steps.  Just wake up each morning and re commit yourself to trying to eat healthier, relieving stress, and exercising.  I think it’s like marriage.  I have been with my husband almost fifteen years, but I don’t just think we are going to stay married.  I wake up every morning and re-dedicate myself to being the best wife, friend, and partner I can be.  Granted I do it better on certain days, but the intention of pursuing the improvements is always there.

These types of challenges are just a tiny little speck in the big picture of good health.  We just thought it would be a nice idea to say “hey, here’s another opportunity”.
I wish you the best, and remember that no goal or situation worth obtaining is ever easy or happens over night.  Without lying it on thick please remind yourself that all things really are possible, and not to give up.

Written By Gabby Reece

Take Control of Your Health

By Gabby Reece

In a time of feeling like everything is out of control; war, economy, strange weather, kids etc, this is THE BEST TIME to take control of your health.

I know I sound like a broken CD, but in reality there really is so little we are in control of. I personally like to plan for the future and act like I am in control, but deep down inside I know the joke is on me. Who really knows what tomorrow brings?

Which leads me to the now, and the things you can choose to do:

*You can choose to take care of yourself.

*You can choose to stick things in your mouth that will serve your body, and overall health.

*You can choose to stress out about every little thing not happening or happening around you (traffic, rude people, children dropping glasses of grape juice on your new floor), whatever.

*You can choose how you’re going to treat others.
How you are going to react to your partner regardless of their choices they are making in their own behavior? Are you going to let some unhappy knuckle head at work who is choosing to somehow take some of their garbage out on you get in your way or take you out of your game? We really have so little control, but in the areas we do, why are we all not maximizing our ability to make GREAT choices?

*Strive to be all we can be.

*Try to conduct ourselves as graciously as we are humanly able at that moment (believe me I know about being human and things ebbing and flowing).

*Exercise as often as we can or create a moment.

*Eat foods that are about health and not about emotion.

*Display tolerance for others.

*Try to be positive.

*Let others deal with their own choices. You deal with yours.

*Don’t get caught up in the gossip about you, and don’t waste any time on things that no matter how much you “discuss” them don’t change the outcome.

2012 Gabrielle Reece . All Rights Reserved.

Never Ending Challenges

By Gabby Reece

I think I end up starting new challenges weekly.  I have the one month challenge, the no chocolate or bread challenge, the only drink water challenge, and the list goes on and on.  What I do like about setting a clear cut goal is it does create a STARTING POINT which I think is critical, and a very focused goal.  I will exercise for 30 minutes, 6 days a week, end of story.  I will not shove any wheat products in my mouth, period.  If I give myself any open window I’m never as disciplined as when I just shut the door.  A crack in the window ends up being the entire side of the house gone, and before you know it, it’s Nutella on baguettes (god, I love those). No matter how in shape (or not) your new goals and challenges are imperative to the continued pursuit of fitness.

My new thing has been biking, and lately I have had the luxury of getting my tail kicked by our dear friend Mr. Don Wildman (who by the way is 77).  Not only has he been a great riding partner who pushes the pace, but he has also been gracious enough to divulge little tricks of the trade to help me become a better rider; especially on the dirt, and in areas that I would be to chicken to tackle on my own.  Have you ever fallen with clips on?  That is some fun stuff.

I know it may be cold where you are and a less than desirable environment to start a new challenge, but what better time is it to get going than NOW? I encourage and support all of you, and may you be hugely successful at whatever challenge you have set up for yourself.  Remember, even if it’s only a day long challenge take on something that you have been wanting to get to.  Baby steps or sprints, it’s just about continuous forward movement.  Don’t judge yourself or compare to how someone else is moving through their life.

And since baby steps seem to be the best way to start, our Flip Challenge is a great starting point for you.  Each day the goals we have set for you  are small yet effective, use this as a stepping stone to get you going.  After all  my goal here  is to support and inspire YOU!

Oh, and by the way besides trying to train really hard,  my goals include desperately avoiding bread and wheat products of any kind as well as spending more quality time with my family and enjoying and really listening to them.

2012 Gabrielle Reece . All Rights Reserved.