The Gabby Reece Show – Episode #10 Dr. Darshan Shah | The Importance of Inner Beauty from a Plastic Surgeon

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Could the same things that make you “healthy” be what a plastic surgeon suggests to make you more beautiful/handsome?  Well, in the case of Dr. Darshan Shah – that’s a large piece of the puzzle. 

I spoke with Dr. Shah, a plastic surgeon turned preventative health business owner, about when it is and IS NOT a good idea to go under the knife. He shares some of the latest trends that don’t require surgery that can help you look and feel better.  Regardless of his secret tips, Dr. Shah is a believer in not just hacking your way to flawless, but implementing practical habits that support all of you. Inside and out. 

The Gabby Reece Show – Episode #9 Natayla Neidhart

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What would it be like to become a superhero once a week? Well, when you’re Natalya Neidhart of the WWE- it’s in your genes. Nattie shares how she got in the family business and how her and her husband Tyson have been able to thrive even after he had a career-ending injury. Natty ponders some personal realizations after her beloved father passed, and how all families can work around each other. We discussed the challenges and techniques of staying in shape and healthy while on the road – something that’s never easy for anyone. Plus – stay tuned until the end for Nattie’s health and fitness tips! Enjoy!

The Gabby Reece Show – Episode #8 Kelly & Juliet Starrett

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Could you work with your love partner? How about if you were a practicing attorney and gave it all up to open a  gym? Would you switch a successful business name and strategy because you wanted to help and reach more people and pivot mid-stride?  On this Podcast I have the great honor of talking  with Juliet and Kelly Starrett.  Juliett (known as J-Star) shares her tale of surviving breast cancer twice, opting to support her and her husband’s dream to move into the gym and mobility space, and oh yeah all while raising their two daughters together.  Kelly Starrett of Supple Leopard and Mobility WOD fame shares overcoming childhood obstacles and the ways in which his wife helped him express his brilliance and how they make it work together?  

The Gabby Reece Show – Episode #7 Reece Hamilton

Doesn’t matter who you are- when you’re a parent, you don’t really know what you are talking about. You are definitely not cool, your music sucks, and oh yeah, you blow it often. 

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This week is a family affair.  I asked my reluctant 16-year-old daughter Reece to give me some insights on her experience dealing with the world we live in, what her Dad and I are getting wrong, and maybe the few things we are getting right. We cap things off with Laird to discuss parenting for about 15 minutes after we get into Reece’s conversation.  I’m not sure if you can tell, but somehow neither one of them wanted to talk to me.  At least they’re honest.  Family.