XPT | Breathe, Move, Recover

Gabby and Laird have formulated the perfect curriculum to help people reset perspective, establish healthy life goals, and learn coping mechanisms for stress and anxiety. They do this all through connecting the mind and body to one’s true self, true potential. Their formula isn’t about competition with others, it’s about managing the process to test your own limits and reach new boundaries.

Gabby and Laird’s small group corporate workshops are a step above your typical team bonding retreat. If you want to provide effective, lifelong tools for your employees these workshops are what you need. Through breath work, exercise, and thermoregulation, ‘XPT’ they help people discover a new path for physical and mental health. They have been working with friends, corporations, military, athletes, and musicians for years at their home in Malibu, CA.

Workshop Details
A minimum of 3 hours with Laird and Gabby
One on one interaction, mentorship, guidance, lectures
Activities may include workouts (gym or swimming), breathing, ice-heat

Workshop Options
Attend a workshop at Laird and Gabby’s home in Malibu
Bring Laird and Gabby to a location

The original XPT crew

Laird Hamilton, Gabrielle Reece, Brian Mackenzie, Rick Rubin, Chuck Glynn, Kelly Meyer, Simone Harrer, Hutch Parker, Orlando Bloom, Wim Hof, Kenny Chesney, William Cawley, Chris Gof, Todd Thompson, Darien Olien, Brody Hamilton














Non-Corporate Engagement

Gabby and Laird attend and lead XPT Experiences 3 times a year typically in Costa Rica, Malibu, and Hawaii. These experiences are available to the public. To learn more visit