Kerri Walsh Jennings – Always Improving

How would you feel if you were ready to go to the Olympics (for the sixth time) and you just got word that because of COVID-19 it was postponed for a year?  It takes so much focus and energy to accomplish goals – how do we respond when the goal line gets moved?  When I heard the news about Tokyo getting pushed to 2021, I called my friend beach volleyball great, Kerri Walsh Jennings to just check on her state of mind.  After visiting on the phone I asked her if she would be willing to come on and talk about it for the show.  We got into how she is still so determined and excited to play. What I found fascinating was here is a person who knows how to win and has done it a lot (heading to her sixth Olympics with 3 gold medals and a Bronze in her pocket), but that is how this season has been about changing some of her internal and external techniques. Kerri’s ability to see that even though something has worked for a while that it may not be working any more.  We got into marriage, kids, parenting and attitude towards age.   We recorded on line and had some patchy audio so bear with us on a few spots. I hope you are all safe and sane during the quarantine.  Enjoy. 

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