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Tony Horton Square

P90X Creator Tony Horton – Training Tom Petty & Bruce Springstein, The Work Behind P90X, Battling Ramsay Hunt & Creating ‘Power Life’

Our guest today is P90X creator, personal trainer, author and former actor Tony Horton. Tony Horton has been at the...

Robert Waldinger Square

The Secret to Happiness | With Harvard Professor Robert Waldinger, Director of The Study of Happiness

My guest today is Harvard Professor, psychiatrist, zen priest and director of Harvard’s Study of Adult Development (or ‘The Happiness...

Courteney Cox Sq

Courteney Cox | Being Okay Without the Answers; Keep Asking the Questions, Life In and Beyond ‘Friends’ & Her New Home Care Line ‘Homecourt’

Our guest today is actress, director, business woman, mom, and all around funny person Courteney Cox. These interviews are always...

Gabby Reece Square

Letting Yourself Dream, Looking Forward & Mapping Out Your New Year

Happy New Year everyone. Today, we’re looking forward and letting ourselves dream while being excited for what’s to come. We...

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Gabby Reece - Keynote Speaker

Inspirational Keynote Speaker

• New York Times Bestselling Author
• Podcast Host, TV Host, Columnist
• Former Pro Athlete, Fitness Expert
• Co Creator of XPT Life LLC, Laird Superfood, HIGHX

Laird Superfood 

Laird Superfood is based on the idea that nourishing, plant-based foods
can help fuel you from sunrise to sunset.

Products | Coffees, InstaFuels, Creamers, Drink Mixes, Protein Bars,
Protein Powder, Functional Mushroom Blends, Hydration, Oatmeal,
with new products on the horizon. Learn More



XPT Extreme Performance Training


Many of today’s top professional athletes and celebrities look to Gabby Reece for training guidance. Partnering with her husband, big wave surfer Laird Hamilton, Gabby helped create Extreme Performance Training (XPT). The powerful methodologies of XPT (Breathe, Move, Recover) have shifted regular fitness into holistic fitness, bringing mental and physical feats together. Gabby trains privately out of her home in Malibu CA, and works with top professionals in the NBA, NFL, AVP, Martial Arts, and more.  Learn More ~


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• The Leader in Breathwork
• Trademarked Breathing
• Top Breathwork Certification
• Over 90 Follow Along Breathwork Routines in the XPT App