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Organic Veggie Soup and Polenta Egg Salad

Here’s a soup and salad dinner I made using a ton of local Hawaiian vegetables. I like to use whatever is in season. I have never added polenta to my salad’s but for this recipe it is the perfect fit. EGG SALAD Boil and…

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My Holiday Health Guide

All right it’s time to blow off some steam and go to a few Holiday parties. Hey, parties are a good thing if you can just manage them properly and not get beaten up by late nights, crappie food, and too much booze. It’s…

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Armour for the Grind

I have been traveling this past week, and something really obvious dawned on me.  I don’t just need to stay in shape for my health and to look the way I want.  It really has become an armor to help protect me in this…

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Get Yourself a Teammate

I try to remember the moment I fell in love with working out and eating smart.  I realized that that moment doesn’t exist.  What I fell in love with was how good I felt and how much I loved feeling good emotionally and about…

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Smart Choices after the Halloween Sweet Rush

If you’re like my family, this weekend was full of costumes, face paint, trick-or-treating and sugar! While I’m normally pretty good about keeping my girls’ sweets to a minimum, but of course battle them getting enough greens. However, I do let them indulge on…



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