Gabby can command a stage like no other.  Incredibly smart, witty, and down to earth, she motivates, inspires, and empowers teams. Growing up without a father, without siblings, without a role model, in various environments, Gabby learned at a young age how to be resilient. “I was self-motivated, self-driven, and self-taught, I had no other choice. Life’s hard, and you have to work hard to get what you want. That’s all I knew.”


Network Host Experience | NBC Primetime STRONG, NBC Sports Gravity Games, ESPNW Summits, MTV Sports, TBS Goodwill Games, FIT TV – Discovery Channel, Outside TV

Appeared On | Ellen, DR. OZ, Today Show, Good Morning America, Rachel Ray Show, CNN

Speaking | TedTalk, L.A. Women’s Conference, IDEA BlogFest, Florida State Hall of Fame, NASM Conference, Microsoft, Crowd Strike


Define Yourself
When we live in a time when success is defined by money and notoriety how are we supposed to be our natural selves?
-how to get your external life to reflect your true internal self.
-do what feels right to your authentic self.

Build Your Value System
-reverse engineer / set goals – define
-don’t compare
-redefine your relationship with failure / learning vs failure
-prioritize health

Challenge for Growth
-apply your value system to relationships, family, business
-get the right support system / recognize the importance of a strong team
-challenge yourself for growth – friction can lead to progress


Healthy Lifestyle and Fitness
Setting and Achieving Goals
What it Takes to Become a Champion
Redefining Aging as a Baby Boomer

The Interactive Keynote

Gabby and Laird have formulated the perfect curriculum to help people reset perspective, establish healthy life goals, and learn coping mechanisms for stress and anxiety. They do this all through connecting the mind and body to one’s true self, true potential. Their formula isn’t about competition with others, it’s about managing the process to test limits and reach new boundaries.

Gabby and Laird’s corporate workshops are a step above your typical team bonding retreat. If you want to provide effective, lifelong tools for your employees these workshops are what you need. Through inspiring experiential lectures and mentoring, plus breath work, exercise, and thermoregulation, ‘XPT’, they help people discover a new path for physical and mental health. They have been working with friends, corporations, military, athletes, and musicians for years at their home in Malibu, CA sharing their own methods and keys for success.

To book Gabby, learn rates and availability, email: info@gabbyreece.com.