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    You ever spin and spin on the wheel called life and think to yourself how can I get off?

    laird hamilton family

    I tend to be a person who thinks I have it all so together, and even the uncanny ability to conceal when I’m secretly flipping out.  Low and behold my husband Laird walked in the other day and said “I hope you can find whatever it is that you need to make you (as he gestures with a big circular motion towards me) happy”.  I took such offense and started listing out all the ways I was fine, and realized…

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  • Gabby Sport014
    BLOG Lifestyle

    Living in the Now

    Break out your granola because I want to talk about being “present” with a small glimpse to the future.  I promise not to get too deep into the cliche’, but I must admit as…

  • Gabby Fashion292
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    Trying to Find the Sweet Spot

    I go through my day to day life switching between living it, and observing myself living it.  Almost as if I am floating above myself and my thoughts and feelings from time to time.…



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