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    A Teaching Garden in San Francisco

    teaching garden

    “The American Heart Association Teaching Gardens are a great addition to so many schools. I appreciate big companies like Microsoft sponsoring these events. Happy to have spent the day with these kids.” ~Gabby About Teaching Gardens Obesity is one of the most expensive health care problems in America. One third of U.S. children are overweight or obese putting them at higher risk of heart disease and stroke. The American Heart Association is taking a new approach in the fight against…

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  • Bro Bro
    BLOG Lifestyle

    Feeling like a bad Mom

    Today seems to be one of those days that I care more about my house being cleaned then I do my children having fun.  I know this attitude is one that will get me…

  • DB Side Lunge
    BLOG Fitness

    Fight The Exercise Blues

    I was feeling the blah’s of summer being over, days shorter, and air cooler.  Just feel a little less energetic, and I was thinking that since the challenge is over you guys must be…

  • Gabby-Reece---Pamela-Hanson

    10 Questions: Gabrielle Reece

    It’s hard not to admire – and maybe even envy – a mom who says that her favorite family activity is to take her four-year-old child for an hour-long paddle on a 12-foot surfboard…

  • gabvolleyball

    Maybe we are ready

    It’s no secret that our country is not in the best of shape.  We can look at our waist lines and children’s reading scores and know this.  I am not going to rant about…



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