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    Why are we so surprised athletes “cheat”?

    G19-VB Old Fan Mail Shot Sobe

    Why are we so surprised athletes “cheat” when we have sent a clear message that we only care about winning? Around the world and especially in the US we really only want to talk to #1.  We want our athletes to run faster, ride harder, hit the ball  farther, and be able to recover from an unnatural amount of pain. Then, oh gasp, we get on our moral horse when he or she took something to enhance their performance?  How…

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  • gabvolleyball

    Maybe we are ready

    It’s no secret that our country is not in the best of shape.  We can look at our waist lines and children’s reading scores and know this.  I am not going to rant about…

  • 35199 #13

    March of Dimes, imbornto

    Q&A with Gabby Reece and Doug Staples, Senior Vice President for Strategic Marketing and Communications March of Dimes March of Dimes, imbornto Gabby – Q.  Tell us about the imbornto campaign. Doug – A. …

  • Paella

    Gabrielle Reece’s Best Meal Ever!

    By: Monique Savin Long before she was a beach volleyball star, TV personality, or one of Elle magazine’s “Five Most Beautiful Women in the World,” Gabrielle Reece was a little girl in a…

  • photo(3)

    Taking a Holiday with the Tribe

    Recently Laird had an appearance for work in Auckland New Zealand which at that point we decided to take advantage and ALL go to New Zealand on Holiday.  Our family does not take vacations…

  • 1 - GTCHC1

    Flexjobs Interview for FB

    1. How do you find balance between work and life? 1. That’s easy for me because I am fortunate enough where I don’t have to go to the office 5 days a week. I…



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