Turning Your Passion into Your Profession with What’s Gaby Cooking Founder Gaby Dalkin

Need to get some inspiration in the cooking department? What better time to speak with Gaby Dalkin food blogger “What’s Gaby Cooking” and friendly chef?  Here’s a picky eater who decided to go right at food, and enjoy eating an array of cultural cuisines without all the fuss.  You may know Gaby from her California inspired Blog started in 2009 or from her easy to follow books; What’s Gaby Cooking Everyday California Food, Absolutely Avocados and her newest book coming out April 28th Eat What you want.  

Gaby talks about working with her husband who was her college sweetheart Thomas, and how they find a way to grow her business together,  and know when it’s time to turn off work and just be together. Gaby is a wonderful example of how you can turn your passions into your job, and to not let fear or lack of experience keep you from putting yourself in a situation to learn, grow, and maybe even fail.  

With all of us doing lots of extra cooking at home at the moment she is a wonderful resource for realistic and fresh ideas, and encourages you to not fear trying new things.  

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